New show added

On the 14th of April we will go to O.J.V. de Koornbeurs, Delft. There we do an show with Khaotix and ONKT.


New show added

And another show on the list. This time we will go to the far north of our province, Den Helder. There we do an show with Hellevaerder at Cafe de Engel.


New show confirmed

After the Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe tour in 2015 with Voltumna we are pleased to announce we will be sharing the stage with them once more. This time at the Asgard cafe, Beverwijk. Make sure to be there!!


New show confirmed

We are pleased to inform you that Evil Oath is listed on BeukFest at JC t' Kompleks, Heerhugowaard. Together with Pound, Faith Ablaze and Hallowed Fire we are going to make it a hell of a night!!


New show added

After an long break we can finally confirm a new show to you. We will return to the Cerberus venue, Hengelo in the beginning of 2018. There we will do an show with PunkYard and The Heritance. Be there!!


New show confirmed

Finally we can confirm a new show to you. We start 2017 live with a blast at the indoor Diabolica Sonis festival P60, Amstelveen. There we will perform a show together with Shining, Soulburn, Ancient Rites, Mortuus and many more!!


Buttons and Keychains

We are proud to inform you that we have some new Evil Oath Buttons and Evil Oath Keychains in our store secction for you!! Check it out!!


New show confirmed

On the 19th of May we shall be headliner on a black metal night at the P60, Amstelveen. Together with Grafjammer and Wrang we will make a night to remember!!


Returning to t' Kompleks

After our release show "Anno. 1666" at t' Kompleks we shall return "home" after a 2 year of absence!! Together with the mighty R�n and Nafearya we shall make the "Hordes of Chaos" event unforgettable!!


Live video recording

Now the Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe tour with Voltumna is finished, we can inform you that we will do some live video recording at the ROC Theatre in Tilburg. So make sure that you'll be there the 24th of November!!


Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe tour

We are pleased to announce that we will be part of the Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe tour. Together with Voltumna we will doing shows in Belgium, France and Germany on this tour!!


Anno. 1666 Tapes

The Anno. 1666 tapes are finally arrived in our store section thanks to Tridroid Records. The tapes are strictly limited to 100 copies.


New gig added

Beside that we are currently working on new material for our first full length, we will definitely do some shows in the year 2015!! The first on is a fact. on the 27th of March we will play at the mighty Kooltuintje, Alkmaar.


Evil Oath on compilation album

Diabolicurst Productions will release a compilation album in the beginning of 2015 with our track Hell on Earth (1666) from the (demo) CD Anno. 1666 on it. More info is coming soon!!


New Video

We added a new video to our Videos section. Blood of Christ Live at the Witte Non in Hasselt. Check it out!!


New Review

A review of our demo cd Anno. 1666 by Unholy Black Metal. Check it out here


Italian tour extended

Great news!! We have extended our Italian tour by 1 day!! On the 13th of october we'll be having a show in the great Manhattan pub in Torino.


New website layout

Enjoy the new Evil layout!!


Italian shows

With great pride we can announce our first shows in Italy!! On the 10th, 11th and 12th of October we shall be Spreading the Oath over Italy!! Check out our gig section for the details.


2 More gigs added

After the great gig at the Hoornse Stadsfeesten yesterday, we can announce that we added 2 more gigs!! On the 10th of August we will play at Mike's Music Place, Haarlem. And on the 27th of September we shall let the earth tremble at JC Inventas, Grootebroek.


New gig confirmed

We are pleased to announce that we will play at the Hoornse Stadsfeesten this year!! On the 22nd of June we shall let some dark tones ring in the hart of Hoorn.


New gig added

After the the gig at de Witte Non, Hasselt we will do Rock cafe Bone, Haarlem a visit ones again. So be there on the 7th of June!!


New gig added

We just confirmed a new gig. On the 4th of October we shall bring some darkness to Cerberus, Hengelo.


New gig confirmed

The day after our first gig in Belgium we will march to Amsterdam to do a show in Rockclub the Cave.


New gig added

On the 18nd of April we will be back at Purmerend. This time at the RIP Festival in Com-ic. The gig at De Witte Non is postponed to June the 6th.


First Belgium Gigs

We are pleased to announce our first Belgium gigs!! On the 9th of May we will shall bring some darkness at Twilight, Oostende. The next day May the 10th, we shall march to Hasselt for a gig at De Witte Non.


Mail adresses

Unfortunately, we noticed that not only the website but also our mail addresses has been shot down for a unknown period of time. The mail adresses info@, stor@, and bookings@eviloath are reactivated. Unfortunately all the mail that has been send to the adresses are lost. If you had send a mail to any of those adresses and didn't have a responce yet, please try it again.


More Merchandise!!

Our demo release on January 18th was a big succes! All our new t-shirts are already sold out! But no worries, you can pre-order the new merchandise trough our website store or buy when available during a gig. We are glad to have a various clothing choice for our merchandise. This includes high-quality t-shirts, sleeveless girlies and hoodies in different sizes. Check out the store section for more information, or visit one of our gigs in the future!!!


Anno. 1666 out now!!

Finally it is here!! Anno. 1666 was released yesterday with a big bang!! It is now fully available through our store section. Also we have put it online so check out our media page!!


New gig added

On the 22nd of February we will move out to Wateringen to do a gig at WPC Nederland 3.


Site back online

After a small error in the server of our website is the site fully back online as it should be.


Evil Oath T-Shirts

With the release of Anno. 1666 getting closer we can announce that we have some great Evil Oath t-shirts in the making. They will probably be fully available around the release. Check out our store section and pre-order your shirt now!!


Anno. 1666

The relaese of Anno. 1666 is getting closer. Within one month it's fully available. If you want to be sure to have one in time you can pre-order through store@eviloath.com.


More gigs confirmed

We got 3 more gigs confirmed. On the darkest day (21st of December) we will play on a large charity event: "To Hell With Cancer" at P3, Purmerend. A week later on the 28th of December we will play on a special event at Rockcafe Bone, Haarlem. And finally 29th of March 2014 we will do a gig at Baracuda, Hilversum.


New gig added

We just got a new gig confirmed. We will go to Spijkenisse to play on this year's of Halloween Noises at Texmex.


Releasing Anno. 1666

Great news!! We will release our first Hellish art on January 18, with a brutal party at JC Kompleks Heerhugowaard. Support acts for this special event will be announced soon!!


New gig confirmed

We shall march up to Beverwijk November 15th to open the gates of Hell at Asgard.


New gig and band pictures

Friday the 13th of September we will bring chaos to Rock Cafe Backstage at Nijmegen. Also we have some new band pictures with our new bassist Daemonicon. Check them out!!


New date for the gig in Cafe Bone

Due to some circumstances the gig with Xanathos at Rock cafe Bone has been moved to August 3. We will see you then!!


More gigs confirmed

2 more gigs are confirmed. July 6, we will share the stage with Xanathos at Cafe Bone in Haarlem. 21 September we will unleash the hell at Inventas Grootebroek.


Date for Merv's gig confirmed

After postponing the show earlier, we can finally anounce a date for the Evil Oath performance at Merv's, Alkmaar: 28th of June 2013!


Deamonicon joins Evil Oath

We are pleased to announce that Evil Oath has found a new bassist. Deamonicon will join the ranks and brings Evil Oath at full strength again.


New gig added

Evil Oath announces another gig! On Januari 12th 2013 Hell will be unleashed at Willemeen, Arnhem. Evil Oath will climb the stage with Shadowlord and Grift in the Post-Apocalyptic World (anyone remembers the Maya Prophecy?) and finish Arnhem for once and for all!

No news yet for a new date of the Merv's gig.


Merv's gig postponed

Unfortunately the show at Merv's on the 9th of December is postponed. We are working on a new date, we'll keep you informed.


Melkor leaves Evil Oath

Melkor has decided to leave the band. Evil Oath is now looking for a new band member.
The upcoming show (December 9 @ Merv's) continues as planned with a substitute bassist.
We wish Melkor all the best for the future.


Well, well...

With our latest show one week behind us, it is time for an update to the website.
The Media page has been updated as well as the Contact page.
Check it out!


Popmania Final Results!

The show in JC Kompleks yesterday had been a great success and although we did not end up between the best 3 bands playing during the 2 days of the Popmania contest (somehow they didn't find us 'poppy' enough...), we did got a special honer due to our outstanding act and performance!


Manifesto show postponed

The show in Manifesto which was planned for the 29th of September has been postponed.
The new date for the show will be the 10th of November.


Slowly but steady...

...EVILOATH.COM is emerging from the depths of Hell.
As time goes by, this site will evolve into its final state and all pages will become available.
Although the menu is fully functional, currently only the News, Gigs and Band pages are populated.

Evil Oath