Forged with the stench and the unholy spark, deep in the lowest depths of the archaic where the sun can’t reach, a Parchment has been written to represent the speech and the oath of the Dark Lord.

The Parchment, containing the twisted characters that should have been spoken by the Dark Lord, was to cast out faith and religion from the spirit and mind of humanity. Before the darkest day arrived, a path to this sinister plan was taken. In order to succeed, the great majesty called forth the darkest mages assigned by grim to ensure the success of this deed.

In 1666 during the Great Fire in London on planet Earth, people believed that the prisons of the inferno became overfull. They said it’s hell on earth! But this event was the cause of a tenebris spell that has been casted by the Nocturnal Mages of the first province of the infernum.

In occasion to this event, a gateway was created to connect the two realms, in order to spread the plague and the decease created by the poisoned blood of the fallen angel Lucifer. And to ensure that the diabolic speech would finally reach the ears of humanity. During this event the Parchment was brought to Earth by the horrible messengers. These keepers of the grim document lost what they were to preserve. After the closure of the tenebris vortex the Parchment got lost.

Those who would find the Parchment and can decipher its contents would be able to spread Sathanas diabolical and cleansing speech. They would be able to spread Sathanas speech known as the


Some highlights:

Evil Oath plays together with Sur Austru (ROM)
Evil Oath plays together with Noctem (SP)
Support for Shining (SWE) & Wiegedood (BEL)
Support show for Ancient Rites (BEL)
First show in Germany during “Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe” tour at Stud, Offenburg-
First show in France during “Disciplina Etrusca Over Europe” tour at Le Midland, Rijsel-
Disciplina Estusca Over Europe tour with Voltumna-
First tour “Spreading the Oath through Italy” on Italian soil with local supports
First show in Italy at the Black Hole, Milan-
First show in Belgium at Twilight, Oostende-
(Demo)CD “Anno. 1666” is released-
Deamonicon joins Evil Oath-
Melkor leaves the band-
First show at Cafe Rage, Rijssen-
Mexicution and Melkor join the band-
M.C. Abagor and Rydall create Evil Oath-